Aletta Ocean in Sexy Dress and Stockings

Aletta Ocean looking gorgeous as per usual, this time in a sexy dress and black stockings with lace around the thighs. She’s also got a really cool necklace on that looks almost native indian or inuit  inspired that’s of a fish. Really neat necklace I like it. Her sexy dress is sort of camouflage inspired in green, tan white and black, with a stretchy black belt around her waist to hold the dress in.

Below she’s wearing animal print panties with a thong in the back, and a pair of black stockings with lace highlights. Her makeup is done in a glamour style that matches her attire, with bright pinkish red lipstick, eyeshadow and mascara, plus a ton of other shit I’m sure.

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Aletta Ocean Sexy Dress

Aletta Ocean wearing a camouflage inspired sexy dress, pulling it up to reveal her stockings and panties.

Aletta Ocean Big Butt

Aletta Ocean and her big butt with the high portion of her stockings appearing below.

Aletta Ocean Pussy Close Up

Aletta Ocean close up of her pretty pink pussy and manicured fingernails.

Aletta Ocean Fingers

Aletta Ocean with no panties on, fingers touching her pussy below. Her vagina looks really small and tight here.

Aletta Ocean Big Boobs

Aletta Ocean has a great pair of big boobs that she’s well known for all around the world now.

Aletta Ocean Porn

Aletta Ocean answers the door for her porn scene wearing that sexy dress and a pair of nice platform shoes.

Aletta Ocean High Heels

Aletta Ocean wearing her high heels while talking to her man friend, doing the brief bit of acting prior to the porn.

Aletta Ocean Handjob

A macro shot of Aletta Ocean holding a cock in her hand for a handjob.

Aletta Ocean Sucking Cock

Aletta Ocean slides her lips down around the tip of his cock while gently supporting his balls with her hand.

Aletta Ocean Pussy Licking

Aletta Ocean is trying to get comfortable on this expensive looking chair during the pussy licking portion of the film.

Aletta Ocean Hardcore

Aletta Ocean stares off into space a bit as she’s being fucked in a chair by this dude.Aletta Ocean Insertion

Aletta Ocean insertion picture of a penis being inserted into her vaginal crevice.

Aletta Ocean Fucked

Aletta Ocean fucked from the back while she holds onto the golden chair.

Aletta Ocean Legs Spread

Aletta Ocean legs spread wide open, knees high in the air in a V shape as she gets penetrated from below. Still wearing her heels too.

Aletta Ocean Riding Dick

Aletta Ocean rubs her pussy lips as she’s riding a dick.

Aletta Ocean Asshole

Aletta Ocean asshole in all its beauty being spared some punishment as the pussy gets the pounding below.

Aletta Ocean Stockings

Aletta Ocean wearing a pair of beautiful high class black stockings, legs pressed together for added pleasure.

Aletta Ocean Boobjob

Aletta Ocean uses her boobjob to give a boobjob to this guy. Isn’t that ironic?

Aletta Ocean Cleavage

Aletta Ocean sucks a dick while we get a great picture of her cleavage beneath.

Aletta Ocean After Sex

Aletta Ocean sprayed with cum takes some pics after having sex, as an after sex aperitif.

Scene courtesy of the Mofos network of sites.

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Age: 24
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 132lb / 60kg
Measurements: 38DD-26-37
Country: Hungary
Birthday: Dec 14th, 1987
Implants: Yes (B > DD)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green


Popular busty AVN award winning model Aletta Ocean is originally from Budapest, Hungary and is one of Europe's top porn stars right now. Aletta started as a model in 2006, did her first porn in 2007 and has now been in more than 180 XXX films. Has had two different breast implant surgeries, going from B to D to DD.


Aletta Alien
Aletta Florencia
Artemis Gold
Jessica Kline

Action Level

+ Fully Nude
+ Handjobs
+ Blowjobs
+ Hardcore Sex
+ Anal Sex
+ DP
+ Extreme

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