Aletta Ocean Pre Boob Job Before Implants

This is Aletta Ocean pre boob job before she got her breast implants. She’s looking extremely sexy in big sunglasses and some designer Euro clothing while this foursome is outside in the city together, and again when her clothes hit the floor later on. This is from a 2007 scene from Euro Sex Parties, when she was still known as Aletta Alien. I can see why with those bug eyed sunglasses.

Photo gallery courtesy of RK, please read my Reality Kings review.

Aletta Ocean sunglasses

Aletta Ocean and sexy blonde Leslie Taylor wearing sunglasses outside, getting ready for her Euro Sex Parties scene.

Aletta Ocean portrait

Aletta Ocean portrait with a glass or crystal pendant on a gold necklace shaped in a cross. She has amazing eyes.

Aletta Ocean denim jeans

Aletta Ocean teases while lifting up her shirt, maybe a bit jealous of the bigger boobs of Leslie Taylor.

Aletta Ocean pre boob job

Aletta Ocean pre boob job pics are still floating around, and I thought it would be a good idea to start with one. This girl has already had TWO different boob jobs to make them bigger, and clearly she didn’t just ask the plastic surgeon for work on her tits either. She’s uhm, done up you might say. This is the original look of Aletta Ocean before she got implants and other enhancements.

Aletta Ocean small tits

Aletta Ocean first had these small tits which I think are lovely, before she decided to go shopping for something bigger.

Aletta Ocean puffy nipple closeup

Aletta Ocean had puffy nipples too! Here’s a fine closeup pic of just one of her gorgeous puffy nipples from the side, sideboob style.

Aletta Ocean original breasts

Aletta Ocean and her original breasts, from another angle. She looks really happy in this picture. So does the guy behind her.

Aletta Ocean titties licked

Aletta Ocean gets her titties licked by Mr. Ponytail here, and the guy with the blondie’s nipple in his mouth seems more interested in Aletta Alien than his own chick.

Aletta Ocean ass in pants

Aletta Ocean fine ass in a pair of stretchy faux snake skin print pants.

Aletta Ocean ass kissing

Aletta Ocean ass kissing along the edge of her thong, while her pants make an X-IT.

Aletta Ocean thong

Thin blue panties cover the pussy of Aletta Ocean in this shot of her bare ass.

Aletta Ocean foursome

Aletta Ocean is reading to be fucked, her pussy eagerly waiting the arrival of his manhood.

Aletta Ocean penetration

Aletta Ocean gets penetrated by a thick dick, her outer pussy lips being forced apart in a stretching penetration action.

Aletta Ocean lesbian kiss

Two lesbian pornstars kiss as they get fucked by two guys on a bed in a MMFF sex party.

Aletta Ocean pink pussy

Aletta Ocean pink pussy spread apart by gentle fingers, she has a very small and pretty set of inner vagina lips on display here.

Aletta Ocean sex

Aletta Ocean is having sex as evidenced by this closeup of her tender shaved pussy getting stuck by a cock.

Aletta Ocean licking boobs

Aletta Ocean is licking the bigger boobs of her girlfriend Leslie Taylor as they both have sex.

Aletta Ocean biting lip

A girl biting her bottom lip is one of the hottest pictures in porn, as she closes her eyes and enjoys the feeling between her legs.

Aletta Ocean on top fucking

Aletta Ocean is on top fucking her man, riding his big cock while on top, her long black hair flowing down behind her.

Aletta Ocean dripping cum

Aletta Ocean’s bright eyes stare into the camera as a cum shot splatters her face, with her chin dripping cum.

Aletta Ocean covered in cum

Two ladies both proudly covered in cum, with Aletta Ocean pre boob job aka Aletta Alien looking especially devilish and naughty with her original real natural breasts.

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Age: 24
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 132lb / 60kg
Measurements: 38DD-26-37
Country: Hungary
Birthday: Dec 14th, 1987
Implants: Yes (B > DD)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green


Popular busty AVN award winning model Aletta Ocean is originally from Budapest, Hungary and is one of Europe's top porn stars right now. Aletta started as a model in 2006, did her first porn in 2007 and has now been in more than 180 XXX films. Has had two different breast implant surgeries, going from B to D to DD.


Aletta Alien
Aletta Florencia
Artemis Gold
Jessica Kline

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