Aletta Ocean Hardcore Sex Doggystyle

Another Aletta Ocean hardcore sex scene, and apparently she’s back for this video from the Spanish porn site Culioneros, which has been on a run the last while. Pretty sure it’s owned by Bang Bros by the look of the opening watermark page on all their videos, also that they’re from Miami, and the overall style, etc. Makes sense to me.

Aletta Ocean at Culioneros, a Hardcore Sex Doggystyle Video

Full Length 720p HD Video @ Culioneros : .MP4, 32:40, 720MB, 1280×720 HD, 3,000k

I thought they only had Spanish girls on the site, mostly from Latin America’s finest US imports. Pure latina girls and all that. But Aletta Ocean doesn’t speak Spanish at all, so that’s the end of that notion. They still talk to her quite a bit in Spanish though. I guess they flew her in from Europe or wherever she lives now.

I’m still not sure what Aletta Ocean is back from though… Did she go somewhere? She’s definitely looking dressed down and not all glammed up for this scene. Seems like a lot less makeup than normal.

Aletta Ocean Lesbian Dildo Sex with Zafira

Two of the top female European pornstars are teamed up for an all girl lesbian dildo sex scene from the pure lez site Euro Girls on Girls.

I’m kind of surprised to see that Zafira still doesn’t look much older than she did when she first hit the porn industry back in 2006. It’s almost like she hasn’t aged at all!

Two of the Hottest European Pornstars Zafira and Aletta Ocean Lesbian Video from DDF Studios

Full Length 720p HD Video @ Euro Girls on Girls : .MP4, 21:43, 640MB, 1280×720 HD, 4,000k

This video starts with Aletta Ocean perched on top of a glass table, and then a few seconds later she’s laid out on the same pane of clear glass with her legs held high in the air. She’s wearing nothing but a pair of thigh-high white stockings, and politely keeping her legs spread so Zafira has easy access to her wet love canal.

Zafira is wearing nothing too, totally naked except for a pair of black stockings that look much the same as the pair that Aletta Ocean is wearing, but in contrasting black.

Next up Aletta Ocean a lesbian pro in all aspects is kneeling on the table, on all fours as the beautiful Zafira continues to stuff her pussy with a white dildo. Another great scene from DDF Studios who always bring the fire. I especially like this scene because it’s on a glass table so the camera man can get underneath the action for some extra angles.

DDF Studios

Aletta Ocean BTS Behind The Scenes Video

A quick post with an Aletta Ocean BTS (Behind the Scenes) video scene from legendary nude photographer Earl Miller.

Aletta is doing a photo shoot with male pornstar Johnny Castle, and candidly admits later on in the video she doesn’t love doing photo shoots. Can’t blame her much when you see how they’re made!

Johnny Castle doesn’t seem to mind much though, as he gets to lick her beautiful pink pussy that’s right in his face for most of the duration of this video clip.

Aletta Ocean in a Behind the Scenes (BTS) Video from Earl Miller

Full Length 720p HD Video @ Earl Miller : .WMV, 28:01, 528MB, 1280×720 HD, 2500k

I didn’t remember that Earl Miller did BTS content but I see there’s quite a few behind the scenes entries on his site. We have a review of here for those interested.

Aletta Ocean Nude Pics in Softcore Series

Aletta Ocean nude pics are abound at RK, this is the softcore portion of this series of photos, which later on gets more huffy puffy, the air perfumed with stinky sex. But not yet! First we’ll take a ride down Erotic Rd. to see what Aletta’s doing. Thankfully, she happens to be doing porn. A score.

The last scene I posted of Aletta Ocean from RK was before she got her boob job, when she had her original natural smaller breasts. Now that she’s returned she’s brought her new boobs along too, go figure. This scene is from 2008 after her first set of implants. They look really nice, and it’s cool she totally kept her soft puffy dome nipples. Enjoy all these nude pics from this set called Two of a Kind, originally posted at Euro Sex Parties. Both of her scenes there are at that site. I’m really surprised she hasn’t done a return visit yet to be honest.

Photos from Reality Kings.

Aletta Ocean

Aletta Ocean standing tall about to do some nude pics for her fans in this softcore series.

Aletta Ocean Jean Shorts

Aletta Ocean wearing a pair of D&G Dolce & Gabanna designer jean shorts that hardly cover her ass cheeks.

Aletta Ocean Ass

Aletta Ocean has an ass that’s worthy of those shorts or any others. Wide pockets for a wide ass.

Aletta Ocean Cleavage

Aletta Ocean presenting her cleavage on a shelf of her forearms, her nipple peaking out of the loose fabric.

Aletta Ocean Thighs

Aletta Ocean giving us a shot of her thighs from behind with her legs closed together.

Aletta Ocean Legs

Aletta Ocean has her shorts hiked up, showing us as much of her pussy mound area as possible with her clothes still on.

Aletta Ocean Tits

Aletta Ocean holding her bare tits in her hands as she gazes deeply into our eyes.

Aletta Ocean Puffy Nipples

Aletta Ocean still has the puffy nipples she started with before getting implants, very nice to see.

Aletta Ocean Butt

Aletta Ocean pulling her shorts down to show us her butt, on the line in a pair of black thong panties.

Aletta Ocean Nude

Aletta Ocean nude except for the thong she hasn’t slid off her legs yet.

Aletta Ocean Cupping Breasts

Aletta Ocean lying on a bed cupping her oversized breasts, pointing her toes into the bedspread.

Aletta Ocean Busty

Busty Aletta Ocean peels her ass cheeks apart to give us a glimpse of what’s to come. Perfect angle on the sideboob too.

Aletta Ocean Foot Fetish

Aletta Ocean knows her foot fetish inside and out, and shows us by slowly removing her panties, letting them rest on her feet high in the air.

Aletta Ocean Big Boobs

Aletta Ocean nude looking very staunchly proud of her newly aquired D cup breasts.

Aletta Ocean Nipple Closeup

Aletta Ocean holds her tits in both hands and poiints her nips at the camera for a nipple closeup.

Aletta Ocean Feet

Aletta Ocean fully nude sitting on her feet and heels, with the soles of her feet and bottoms of her toes sticking out. Also a nice view of her pussy and ass from this position.

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Aletta Ocean Sucking a Big Black Dick Interracial Video

I love to watch Aletta Ocean sucking on a big black dick, no matter what colour it is. Well, maybe not green. Because green dicks just seem a little too sickly for my tastes. Not that I have a taste for dick… This isn’t going well so far is it…

Black Guy Fucking Bombshell Aletta Ocean And Getting His Dick Sucked

Black Guy Fucking Bombshell Aletta Ocean And Getting His Dick Sucked

Full Length 1080p HD Video @ AlettaOceanEmpire : .WMV, 33:43, 1.9GB, 1920×1080 HD, 8000k

Here we have Aletta Ocean sucking the big fat cock of this black guy, right after her friend Bibi Noel threw her own crack at it. Get it?! This scene is part 1 and is called Taking Turns, because they both fuck the same guy, but separately. This makes me wonder what might be the plan for part 2 of the porn series, maybe a threesome is on deck? Maybe he’s going to say which girl he enjoyed fucking the best? Who knows. Either way, both of these chicks got the same big black dick and got their interracial sex on for this video.

There is some kind of storyline behind this dick sucking video scene, like he’s a businessman and they’re the female real estate agents doing anything to land a deal or something. Can’t say I paid enough attention there.

Watching the stunning European dark haired bombshell Aletta Ocean sucking a cock with the best dick sucking lips of any pornstar in the business as far as I’m concerned is a real treat. Among current pornstars or past I’d even go so far as to say. She seems to be a bit of a plastic surgery addict though, and I wish she’d stopped a while ago, but she still looks great – most of the time. We’ll see if she’s able to curtail her hospital habitation habits, because I don’t think those lips can take another collagen injection without exploding.

Pure pleasure watching Aletta Ocean sucking dick in this scene from her own official site Aletta Ocean Empire I thought, sucking and fucking her professional partner on a couch inside a home. I even just loved watching her walk into the room, as she’s full of curves and I happy to like that sort of thing.

Aletta Ocean Massage Girl in Jean Shorts

I don’t think I’ve really had a massage until I experience an Aletta Ocean massage. The day I go to get a massage and I get a girl like this, I may just stop going forever. It would be like the game had been completed, conquered, solved, or what have you. No need to pump more quarters into the machine from there on in.

She’s in a pair of sexy jean shorts that are washed out and faded, a pair of high heels with plenty of straps, and a bright red bodysuit of sorts. No idea what you might call that other than a tight skimpy bodysuit that’s see through, and Aletta Ocean of course has nothing on underneath. If you’re going to wear something as slutty as that, you certainly don’t need to go covering things up more than you need to. It’s a one piece model with a thong bikini type ass that rides along her pussy and up her ass crack.

The only other thing she’s wearing in this Aletta Ocean massage set  is a utility belt to hold her baby oil and lotion that she’ll use as the massage girl getting down to work in this scene from Massage Girls 18.

Aletta Ocean Bodysuit

Aletta Ocean standing in open toed high heels, a red bodysuit and a pair of washed out denim jean shorts.

Aletta Ocean Massage Girl

Aletta Ocean is the massage girl in this scene, rubbing her client’s chest and feeling his boner beneath the white sheet.

Aletta Ocean Spreading Legs

Aletta Ocean is spreading her legs and touching her pussy on the massage table.

Aletta Ocean Breast Massage

Aletta Ocean leans over and gives her client a chest to chest breast massage, sticking her cute butt out behind her.

Aletta Ocean Naked

Aletta Ocean naked on top of her customer whose getting more than he bargained for in this massage session.

Aletta Ocean Fucking

Aletta Ocean on the massage table fucking him from the top position, his long dick stuffed inside her pussy hole.

Aletta Ocean Reverse Cowgirl

Aletta Ocean in reverse cowgirl sex position, gasing and he holds her ass cheeks and fucks her from below.

Aletta Ocean Fucking

Aletta Ocean looking sexy as she gets stuck with a stiff dick, looking into his eyes as he fucks her hard.

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Aletta Ocean in Sexy Dress and Stockings

Aletta Ocean looking gorgeous as per usual, this time in a sexy dress and black stockings with lace around the thighs. She’s also got a really cool necklace on that looks almost native indian or inuit  inspired that’s of a fish. Really neat necklace I like it. Her sexy dress is sort of camouflage inspired in green, tan white and black, with a stretchy black belt around her waist to hold the dress in.

Below she’s wearing animal print panties with a thong in the back, and a pair of black stockings with lace highlights. Her makeup is done in a glamour style that matches her attire, with bright pinkish red lipstick, eyeshadow and mascara, plus a ton of other shit I’m sure.

More from Mofos

Aletta Ocean Sexy Dress

Aletta Ocean wearing a camouflage inspired sexy dress, pulling it up to reveal her stockings and panties.

Aletta Ocean Big Butt

Aletta Ocean and her big butt with the high portion of her stockings appearing below.

Aletta Ocean Pussy Close Up

Aletta Ocean close up of her pretty pink pussy and manicured fingernails.

Aletta Ocean Fingers

Aletta Ocean with no panties on, fingers touching her pussy below. Her vagina looks really small and tight here.

Aletta Ocean Big Boobs

Aletta Ocean has a great pair of big boobs that she’s well known for all around the world now.

Aletta Ocean Porn

Aletta Ocean answers the door for her porn scene wearing that sexy dress and a pair of nice platform shoes.

Aletta Ocean High Heels

Aletta Ocean wearing her high heels while talking to her man friend, doing the brief bit of acting prior to the porn.

Aletta Ocean Handjob

A macro shot of Aletta Ocean holding a cock in her hand for a handjob.

Aletta Ocean Sucking Cock

Aletta Ocean slides her lips down around the tip of his cock while gently supporting his balls with her hand.

Aletta Ocean Pussy Licking

Aletta Ocean is trying to get comfortable on this expensive looking chair during the pussy licking portion of the film.

Aletta Ocean Hardcore

Aletta Ocean stares off into space a bit as she’s being fucked in a chair by this dude.Aletta Ocean Insertion

Aletta Ocean insertion picture of a penis being inserted into her vaginal crevice.

Aletta Ocean Fucked

Aletta Ocean fucked from the back while she holds onto the golden chair.

Aletta Ocean Legs Spread

Aletta Ocean legs spread wide open, knees high in the air in a V shape as she gets penetrated from below. Still wearing her heels too.

Aletta Ocean Riding Dick

Aletta Ocean rubs her pussy lips as she’s riding a dick.

Aletta Ocean Asshole

Aletta Ocean asshole in all its beauty being spared some punishment as the pussy gets the pounding below.

Aletta Ocean Stockings

Aletta Ocean wearing a pair of beautiful high class black stockings, legs pressed together for added pleasure.

Aletta Ocean Boobjob

Aletta Ocean uses her boobjob to give a boobjob to this guy. Isn’t that ironic?

Aletta Ocean Cleavage

Aletta Ocean sucks a dick while we get a great picture of her cleavage beneath.

Aletta Ocean After Sex

Aletta Ocean sprayed with cum takes some pics after having sex, as an after sex aperitif.

Scene courtesy of the Mofos network of sites.

Aletta Ocean Huge Dildo Masturbating Video

Aletta Ocean is in a fake looking barn with a huge dildo in her pussy. She pulls it out slowly and we can finally see just how long this massive dong is. She puts the tip of the dildo to her big lips and inserts it into her mouth, sucking off any pussy juices that are left on it from her masturbating herself with it in this video.

Aletta Ocean Fucks Herself With a Huge Dildo

1080p HD Aletta Ocean Video @ Club Sandy : .WMV, 24:03, 1.36GB, 1920×1080 HD, 8000k

Her bikini type top is still around her waist but serving no real useful fashion function, and the only thing else she’s wearing are a pair of high heeled shoes. She’s got her legs spread for most of the video, and when she really starts vigorously fucking herself with this huge dildo she has, she plants one of her heels high up on a support beam for leverage.

She picks up the speed of her masturbating herself with this extra long dong and finally brings herself to climax, as the video camera zooms in on her pink snatch as she quivers on the wooden chair her ass is firmly pressed against. Finally the dildo makes it back to her mouth for a rinse before she calms herself down post-orgasm and gives a final smile to her loving fans.

This extreme dildo video is from Club Sandy called Wild Women At The Farm, in full 1080p HD.

Aletta Ocean and Aleksa Diamond Changing Clothes in Car

Preparing for a bikini clad lazy day on the beach, Aletta Ocean and Aleksa Diamond change their clothes in the back of a car or a truck perhaps, getting fully naked before putting on their bikini’s for some hot fun in the sun on the beach on a warm but windy summer day.

The two girls talk and chit chat back and forth while they undress and change. Both ladies have European accents, but Hungarian Aletta Ocean clearly has the thicker accent and doesn’t speak English as clearly. She’s also got the bigger breasts, though it’s not overly fair since she cheated by buying them from the Doctor!

Aletta Ocean and Aleksa Diamond in It’s Getting Hot in Here from Aletta Ocean Empire

Aletta Ocean and Aleksa Diamond in It's Getting Hot in Here

Full Length 1080p HD Video @ Aletta Ocean Empire : .WMV, 9:17, 536MB, 1920×1080 HD, 8000k

Aletta Ocean is proud of her Playboy branded panties and delights in sharing them with her new girlfriend Aleksa Diamond. They do the girly giggle thing together about it, as is polite I suppose.

This kind of scene is a porn fan pervert’s dream, to be able to luckily walk by the car and leer in through the car windows at these two lovely Euro pornstars changing clothes. To be just a few feet away from these beautiful babes getting naked would truly be a gift from heaven itself. I wonder if they have to setup a lookout to make sure they have a bit of privacy when they shoot porn like this in public places. Things that make you go hrmmmm.

This European babe duo walk down the road on the way to the beach, and it’s a pretty windy day it seems based on how much their hair is blowing and the waves on the ocean or sea where they are. Hard to say without knowing where this might be.

Aletta Ocean Pre Boob Job Before Implants

This is Aletta Ocean pre boob job before she got her breast implants. She’s looking extremely sexy in big sunglasses and some designer Euro clothing while this foursome is outside in the city together, and again when her clothes hit the floor later on. This is from a 2007 scene from Euro Sex Parties, when she was still known as Aletta Alien. I can see why with those bug eyed sunglasses.

Photo gallery courtesy of RK, please read my Reality Kings review.

Aletta Ocean sunglasses

Aletta Ocean and sexy blonde Leslie Taylor wearing sunglasses outside, getting ready for her Euro Sex Parties scene.

Aletta Ocean portrait

Aletta Ocean portrait with a glass or crystal pendant on a gold necklace shaped in a cross. She has amazing eyes.

Aletta Ocean denim jeans

Aletta Ocean teases while lifting up her shirt, maybe a bit jealous of the bigger boobs of Leslie Taylor.

Aletta Ocean pre boob job

Aletta Ocean pre boob job pics are still floating around, and I thought it would be a good idea to start with one. This girl has already had TWO different boob jobs to make them bigger, and clearly she didn’t just ask the plastic surgeon for work on her tits either. She’s uhm, done up you might say. This is the original look of Aletta Ocean before she got implants and other enhancements.

Aletta Ocean small tits

Aletta Ocean first had these small tits which I think are lovely, before she decided to go shopping for something bigger.

Aletta Ocean puffy nipple closeup

Aletta Ocean had puffy nipples too! Here’s a fine closeup pic of just one of her gorgeous puffy nipples from the side, sideboob style.

Aletta Ocean original breasts

Aletta Ocean and her original breasts, from another angle. She looks really happy in this picture. So does the guy behind her.

Aletta Ocean titties licked

Aletta Ocean gets her titties licked by Mr. Ponytail here, and the guy with the blondie’s nipple in his mouth seems more interested in Aletta Alien than his own chick.

Aletta Ocean ass in pants

Aletta Ocean fine ass in a pair of stretchy faux snake skin print pants.

Aletta Ocean ass kissing

Aletta Ocean ass kissing along the edge of her thong, while her pants make an X-IT.

Aletta Ocean thong

Thin blue panties cover the pussy of Aletta Ocean in this shot of her bare ass.

Aletta Ocean foursome

Aletta Ocean is reading to be fucked, her pussy eagerly waiting the arrival of his manhood.

Aletta Ocean penetration

Aletta Ocean gets penetrated by a thick dick, her outer pussy lips being forced apart in a stretching penetration action.

Aletta Ocean lesbian kiss

Two lesbian pornstars kiss as they get fucked by two guys on a bed in a MMFF sex party.

Aletta Ocean pink pussy

Aletta Ocean pink pussy spread apart by gentle fingers, she has a very small and pretty set of inner vagina lips on display here.

Aletta Ocean sex

Aletta Ocean is having sex as evidenced by this closeup of her tender shaved pussy getting stuck by a cock.

Aletta Ocean licking boobs

Aletta Ocean is licking the bigger boobs of her girlfriend Leslie Taylor as they both have sex.

Aletta Ocean biting lip

A girl biting her bottom lip is one of the hottest pictures in porn, as she closes her eyes and enjoys the feeling between her legs.

Aletta Ocean on top fucking

Aletta Ocean is on top fucking her man, riding his big cock while on top, her long black hair flowing down behind her.

Aletta Ocean dripping cum

Aletta Ocean’s bright eyes stare into the camera as a cum shot splatters her face, with her chin dripping cum.

Aletta Ocean covered in cum

Two ladies both proudly covered in cum, with Aletta Ocean pre boob job aka Aletta Alien looking especially devilish and naughty with her original real natural breasts.

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Age: 24
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 132lb / 60kg
Measurements: 38DD-26-37
Country: Hungary
Birthday: Dec 14th, 1987
Implants: Yes (B > DD)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green


Popular busty AVN award winning model Aletta Ocean is originally from Budapest, Hungary and is one of Europe's top porn stars right now. Aletta started as a model in 2006, did her first porn in 2007 and has now been in more than 180 XXX films. Has had two different breast implant surgeries, going from B to D to DD.


Aletta Alien
Aletta Florencia
Artemis Gold
Jessica Kline

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+ Extreme

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